Dracaena Family

Dracena-mainThere is a wide variety of plants available from this family and they are easy to maintain; tolerating low light, low humidity and infrequent watering. Keep in mind that while Dracaenas will tolerate adverse conditions, they will be much happier and healthier with just a little care. They are tolerant of low light but will do their best with bright, indirect light. Dracaenas do well with a weekly soaking. Do not allow them to stand with water in the saucer for more than an hour or two. They may need a little more water in the warmer months. Avoid allowing Dracaenas to dry out completely.

Baby Doll Bicolor Marginata Godseffiana Janet Craig
Janet Craig Compacta Lemon Warneckii Magenta Marginata Marginata Green
Massangeana Cane Ricki Song of India Warneckii